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High School / College Intern

About Our Team

We are a venture-backed, full-remote, growth-stage fintech startup, founded by Stanford and MIT engineers from Silicon Valley. Our team has experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and consulting in NY, SF, and Chicago. We are incubating a product and looking to hire an all-star team that can grow the business. Joining this team will put you at the forefront of startup innovation. You will be able to scale a first in class product. Our team is made up of builders, and you should be no exception!
🙋🏻‍♀️Fun fact: more women than men on our team.
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About Aha

We're building the next NFT-Crypto wallet for Gen Z students in India & the US. We've created the first Learn-to-Earn & EdBank in the EdFi industry.

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Job Description

Companies often treat interns as free labor for non-vital projects’ non-vital parts.
We disagree.
We believe that there are many smart and determined high school students who get overlooked. At Aha, we do not penalize what you for your grades, lack of work experience, or not having a connection at a company.
In our Mentored Intern Training (MIT) Program, we value talented individuals’ ability to contribute, no matter their background or experience. We actively provide opportunities for students who have proven to be good at executing them. If you’re intelligent, proactive, and hardworking, We want the opportunity to work with you.

Student Benefits

For student interns with excellent performance throughout the internship, our MIT/Stanford alumni founders may choose to reward interns with:
  • Personal statement, essay consultation
  • US college admissions consultation
  • MIT/Stanford alumni interview practice and consultation
  • Silicon valley startup internship certificate
  • Letter of recommendation from MIT/Stanford founders
What It’s Like to Work Here as an Intern
Solve real challenges, help real people
Interns have the opportunity to own projects that directly and positively affect our business.
Every intern receives mentorship and works on important technical challenges. Our internship is not intended to simulate working with us; you will be working as a respected peer. This means we expect you to perform as our full-time employees. Project demo days, speaker series, team-building events, and community engagement are designed to give you as much experience and exposure as possible, as a real employee.
  1. 1.
    Generating completely new product ideas, defining the pain points, problem-solving, and targeting the audiences
  2. 2.
    Testing and validating the idea with key stakeholders, such as initial customers, designers, sales and marketing
  3. 3.
    Designing and conducting interviews for usability, product-market fit testing with internal members, initial customers, and targeted users
  4. 4.
    Doing market research
4 Rotational Tracks Available
  • Marketing & Growth
  • User interview
  • Research & Product
  • Sales


  1. 1.
    Good writing and communicating skills
  2. 2.
    Ability to work under pressure and finish on tight deadlines
Point Plus
  • Marketing or Business related background studies
  • One or more years of coding experience or internship with a similar job

Salary Range

Flexible working hours. Normal hours are not required. Full remote. Performance-based. Based on KPI, we will decide on discretionary bonus, full-time (with insurance) offer, and terms.

This job offers you

Experience Real Work
  • Learn the practical skills employers want
  • Do real startup work. No wasted effort or “sample projects”
Learn to Build a Lean Startup
  • Gain real-world experience working with the latest technology, tools, and the most robust software development and product management processes
  • Learn how to make integrated business decisions, conduct meetings, and present effectively
  • Learn non-engineering skills like marketing, sales, and analytics techniques necessary to run a business
Have Ownership
  • You will get complete ownership of your own critical projects
  • You will be assigned personal OKRs and KPIs on a weekly and monthly basis
Startup Culture
  • A driven, creative, and multi-talented group of colleagues who are extraordinarily passionate about startups
  • A work environment built on trust, accountability, collaboration, curiosity, fearlessness, kindness and respect
//Aha's front-end stack
import React from 'react';
import {Text, View} from 'react-native';
import { Provider } from 'react-redux';
import { createStore } from 'reduce';
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