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Pre-Interview Checklist

  • Review the information in this handbook.
  • Review all information linked in Aha's Linktree.
Please review this entire document before our interview. You’ll learn almost everything you need to know about us here. It’s important that you review the information here before our interview because it contains crucial details about working with us.

Interview Process Flowchart

Technical Exams

  • Senior/Staff/Lead Engineers who can prove their current/previous base salary is over NT$1.5 million per year can choose to opt out of taking the technical exam.
    • Freelance and founder salaries do NOT count as a previous salary reference.
    • We will make an offer based on resume, working experience, education, personality assessment, and job references.
    • Failure to accurately report previous salary will result in automatic rejection of application.
    • If you’d like to pursue the expedited option, please schedule the final round here.
  • The Group Interviews are optional for engineers. They are an opportunity for asking questions not covered by this document. We will be happy to answer them.
  • We may ask candidates to reschedule their interview after their completion of our exam if we are unable to access a candidate’s technical pedigree based on their resume.
Exam Link
Engineering Lead
Back-End/Full-Stack Engineer
Front-End Engineer
​Front-End Exam​
Test Engineer/SDET
Product UX Design Lead
UI / UX Web / App Designer
Digital Growth Marketing Lead
Marketing Copywriter
Marketing Specialist
SEO / GA Marketing Specialist
Paid Ads Marketing Specialist
HR / Recruiting Lead
English Tutor
​English Tutor Exam​
Math Tutor
​Math Tutor Exam​
High School / College Intern


  1. 1.
    Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for our internal team and engineers to review your resume, exam, and/or code.
    • Engineers who took our exam will receive written feedback from our engineers on the quality of their submission.
  2. 2.
    Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions in the meantime.
    • Please email us if you have other exploding offers.
  3. 3.
    We will respond via email with an offer decision even if no offer is given.
    • All candidates regardless of offer will receive an email response.
    • If no email response has been received yet, it is because no decision has been made yet. We receive and interview hundreds and sometimes thousands of candidates per month. We take hiring extremely seriously so please allow us time.
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