Aha Handbook

Employee Benefits

Compliance with All Local Labor Laws

  • We provide all required labor and health insurance to comply with local labor laws, wherever the team member is located around the world.

Computer Equipment

  • Because we are a remote team, we run a BYOD, Bring Your Own Device policy.
  • Because we don’t have a via method to collect company-owned IT equipment when a team member offboards, we don’t provide computers to our team members.
  • The costs of IT equipment are encapsulated into your salary, which will be higher than your previous salary. If you wish to have IT equipment costs broken out of your salary, we will subtract them from your salary.

Training Program

  • We believe the best way to learn is by doing and experimenting with live users.
  • We believe the most up-to-date information, especially with the current state-of-the-art technology, tech stacks, and design principles are all found online via Google.
  • PTO is available to full time employees who maintain full time status.
  • PTO days are 8 hours each. Number of PTO days will be the number required by local labor laws.

L1 Visa Sponsorship

  • ​Prerequisites​
  • Not guaranteed.
  • Must be with firm for at least 3 years.

Letters of Recommendation for School or Employment

  • We have written dozens of English letters of recommendation for university or English-based employment for our former team members.
  • We will agree to write letters for all of our former team members.
  • We will always write letters in the best, most glowing light possible to maximize our team member’s chance of admissions.
  • The founders have gone to MIT and Stanford for undergraduate studies, so these letters will carry whatever authority the admissions officer associates with these institutions.