Aha Handbook

Compensation Packages

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Compensation Levels

Global pay

  • We won’t pay someone less just because the cost of living is lower.
  • Pay is based purely on a team member’s high-quality performance, value-add, and contribution.

Time Logging

  • Our time tracker will track your time, screen, and mouse to ensure you are working on company-related work.
  • Time logging is required because we’re fully remote.
  • We assume full-time work is 168 hours of work per month (8 hours per day, 21 working days per month).
  • We prorate the monthly payout of 168 hours. If you work more than 168 hours, we will pay more than your negotiated monthly prorated. Likewise, if you work less than 168 hours.

Time Boxing

Applicable only for team members on time-boxed base pay.
  • Time boxed-based hourly is the same as time logged-based hourly pay.
    • Time-boxed-based pay is entirely opt-in (optional). Team members can choose at any time to opt-into time-boxed-based pay, and they can choose at any time to opt-out.
    • The goal of time-boxed-based pay is to give time-logged-based team members the opportunity to earn even more than time-logged pay for higher productivity.
  • We time box each task (Trello card) by setting a maximum number of hours.
  • You will agree on the time box amount with the manager before starting the task.
    • Time box estimates are only for short tasks that can be completed within one day. We do not do time estimation for large projects or week/month-long projects.
    • Time box estimations can be updated if the scope or complexity of the task exceeds the initial estimate.
    • Tasks can be broken up into multiple tasks.
  • Time logged beyond the maximum time box will not be counted. Time fixing bugs caused by the task will not also be counted.
  • If a task is finished before the time box, we will still pay the max hours for completing the task. In effect, finishing tasks earlier will result in bonus pay.

Health and Labor Insurance

All employees will receive the requisite health and labor insurance to be compliant with their resident countries.

Recruiting Referral

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