Aha Handbook

Work Hours

Time Zones

Our working hours are completely flexible. Each member can customize their working time to their religious or working schedules. There are no time zone requirements.
  • That being said, most team members operate +/-3 hours on Singapore time.
  • Most meetings are held between 9am to 6pm Singapore time.


  • Because pay is prorated out of 168 hours per month, you can work fewer hours than full-time hours based on personal schedules.
  • However, to maintain full-time status, you must maintain at least 84 hours per month (half of 168 hours).


  • Team or one on one manager meetings are usually held twice a week but will vary.
  • Most meetings with manager are on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Meetings are held through Google Meet and Calendar.
  • Most meetings are held between 9am to 6pm Singapore time.

Working Days

  • Working days are completely flexible, since we are a fully remote team.
  • Most team members choose to work a Monday through Friday schedule.
  • However, each member is free to decide which working days, or half working days suits their schedule best.

Lunch Breaks

  • Naturally, when and how long to take your lunch break is completely up to you in a fully remote environment.