Aha Handbook

What It’s Like to Work Here as a Designer

Design Spec

  • Wireframes will be drawn by PM, Product Designer, or UX designer first.
  • After UX is finalized, UI will be added by UI designer.
  • Product requirement, product specifications will be written by PM before handed to designer.

Design Style

  • Our product design philosophy is simple, clear UI/UX.
  • Showing is more clear than telling, so we included a spreadsheet that contains all of the sites, products that we think have good UI/UX design. Please be sure to take a look if you are a designer. Read this -> Website LP Design We Like​

UX Design - User Stories and Wireframes

  • Our product designers will design the user journey and wireframes before UI design is applied.

UI Design - Figma

  • We use Figma​
  • All of our designers use Figma to design the UI of our products.
  • We rely on Figma comments to communicate with our designers asynchronously. PMs will add feedback using Figma comments.
  • We build design libraries in Figma with Figma components to reuse as many design components as possible. This allows for better-designed products, with higher consistency, and higher efficiency.