Aha Handbook

What It's Like to Work Here


Customer First

  • Always be in communication with our customers, understanding who they are and what they want.
  • Making customers happy is always a winning strategy. Listen to everyone, don’t listen to anyone.
  • Don’t Get Mad, Get Data. We improve what we measure. Data drives our decision-making.

Execute Fast

  • Deliver features and value to our customers constantly; faster than the competition.
    • CI/CD for continuous releases of new features to our customers.
    • Weekly sprints for fast feedback loops.
  • Increase the number of shots on goal, and the likelihood we will get lucky.
  • Measure our velocity. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
    • KPIs define how our velocity is measured.
    • OKRs define clear targets for where our KPIs should be.
    • Agile sprint schedule to define clear milestones and checkpoints for OKRs.

Strict Cost Control

  • Always be in the driver seat of our operating cost and seek out positive cash flow.
    • ROI. Real-time measurement of the ROI of all of our projects and features.
    • Always be cash-flow positive or maintain a 2-year operating runway.
  • Relentless in increasing the operating efficiency of all aspects of our business.
    • Quarterly evaluation of all aspects of our business.
  • Flexible in seeking out new and global operating solutions.
    • Remote work allowed
    • Global hiring for the best talent. Not every talented engineer can be in Silicon Valley.

First-Tier Engineering

  • Hire only the best engineering talent.
    • Rigorous hiring process to seek out the best engineering talent.
    • Take-home exams that accurately reflect real work.
  • Solid, robust engineering talent and management is absolutely necessary to execute fast and efficiently.
    • Technical debt will slow down our ability to release new features to customers.
    • Refactoring costs due to poor technical foundations will add up over time.
    • Robust technical design and direction is absolutely critical for fast execution and effective cost control.