Aha Handbook

Written Documentation

Written documentation is extremely important in an all remote team. Our primary documents are:

Press Release & Frequently Ask Questions (PR FAQs)

Internal FAQs

For internal questions about the product.

Product Requirement Document (PRD)

PRDs are documentation for PMs and UX designers, to create wireframes and product specifications.

Product Specification Document (PSD)

PSDs describes how the product works, action after each click, etc for engineers.

API Specification

There are written by back-end engineers for back-end team and front-end integration purposes.

Other Types of Documentations

  • Google Documents
    • For non-technical documentation.
  • Notion
    • For product specifications and product requirement documents.
    • For technical documentation.
  • GitBook
    • For technical and API documentation.
  • Lucid Charts
    • For workflow, technical design, architecture, and flow diagrams.
  • ZenHub/GitHub Lists/Boards/Issues
    • For technical releases and issue tracking.