Aha Handbook

Real-Time Communication

Buddy System

  • You will be paired up with another engineer/designer of a similar role to help you get up to speed.
  • The purpose of the buddy system is to help each other, and have another person you can work closely with, and constantly ask questions

Virtual Offices

  • At least one day out of the week, each team member will join a “Virtual Office”, which is a Google Meet session with one other team member working on similar tasks.
  • Both team members in the virtual office will work with Google Meet active, earphones, but microphones muted. If anyone has any issues to discuss, they can instantly discuss with the other team member in the virtual office.
  • Virtual offices will last for the entire work day. Each team member in the virtual office will work on their own work.
  • Virtual offices mimic working in the same physical office as another team member, seated next to you.

Google Meet

  • We hold weekly meetings to catch up on progress and ask questions.
  • Meetings are 2-3 times per week, and 15-30 minutes per meeting.
  • We use Google Calendar to schedule the meetings.

Google Calendar

  • All our meetings are open and transparent for any team member to join if necessary. We always keep an updated schedule.


  • We use slack as our virtual office for communication.
  • We prize asynchronous, written communication.
  • Do not wait until meetings to discuss issues. We value discussion via Slack messages.
  • Our channels are organized by product, issue, and team (e.g. design, engineer).