Aha Handbook
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General FAQs

You can email us anytime with questions at [email protected]. We will respond as soon as possible.
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    How to understand our company?

    Whether you are a member of our company or not, we encourage you to learn about us by reading our company’s manual. If you have any questions or suggestions on the layout of the manual, we will be more than happy to refer to your ideas.
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    Are we a dev shop or outsourcing firm?
    No. We incubate our own projects and ideas.
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    Where are we based?
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    Will there be opportunities or demands for cross-border cooperation? Are there any requirements for English proficiency?

    Most of the team is based around the world. English is not required, but helpful.
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    What are the company’s main products? Where is it positioned?

    The company currently does not have a so-called main product/main service object. It prefers project-based development. The core concept is “accelerating the incubation of team members’ ideas, discover market needs, and quickly generate solutions.” There are currently projects under development. Aha, with software as the main output. It must be emphasized that we are not a contractor, no outsourcing, non-gaming, and non-acceptance nature.
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    How much is the pay?
    Please read -> Compensation Levels
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    Do we accept part-time team members?
    For engineers, no. Unfortunately we’ve found it hard for part-time team members to contribute in meaningful ways due to their limited working hours. However, for other non-engineering team members, we’re flexible and happy to work around your needs
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    How long is the interview process?
    Please read -> Interview Process
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    Are there plans to move into a physical office in the future?
    No, we plan to be fully remote forever.
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    Is there a company training program or an education budget to purchase books or classes?
    No, the best and most up to date information can all be found online using Google or by experimenting with live users.
    “People who can’t do, teach.”
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    In the internship program, there is no special emphasis on the required expertise and field, so can it be in any field?

    If you are interested in the company’s working environment, you can fill in the application form and name the main purpose of your internship (what skills to learn, what things you want to know about the workplace, ideal treatment), the more you describe clearly, the more we can help you arrange internship opportunities that meet your expectations! As long as we can provide your learning needs, we are quite happy to cooperate with you!