Aha Handbook
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Thank you for applying to our team! We appreciate your interest in joining our company.
Please review this entire document before our interview. You’ll learn almost everything you need to know about us here. It’s important that you review the information here before our interview because it contains crucial details about working with us.
We are excited for the opportunity for us to get to know each other.

Who We Are

We are an early-stage tech startup incubator from Silicon Valley. We are fully remote and work on many products at the same time. All the projects we work on are our own. We’re not a dev shop or outsourcing firm. We do not take on clients. We incubate, accelerate, and implement ideas into full products that our team creates internally. We have strong financial backing from investors all over the world. We focus on B2B and B2C fintech apps.
We fund raised from notable Silicon Valley and New York venture capital firms and tech investors. We seek successful exits by acquisitions or IPOs.
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